Witchcraft OS

Witchcraft OS is an Operating System written in C# using COSMOS.

Check out my dewitcher Framework!
It provides all the cool features of Witchcraft OS!

IMPORTANT: If you find any misspelling, contant me! ( => Report misspelling)

Witchcraft provides a bunch of High-End features, e.g. Multilanguage-Support etc.

Witchcraft OS: Arsenic

Arsenic provides its own programming language, the AAIL (Arsenic Application/Interaction Language) and a TextUI for developing it.

AAIL allows you to create amazing apps!

And the best: AAIL is fully dewitcher-Compatible!
That means that you can use dewitcher-Commands such as "Kernel.SleepSeconds(100)" and stuff!

It is very easy to learn, just visit AAIL Tutorial (currently unavailable) and read it =P

The first Arsenic beta will be ready to download around Februar 2013.
The official release-date is not set at the moment.

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